See our Unit 500 Mini-McKenney or Ace of Clubs race, to see how you compare with others in our unit.

There are Sectional Tournaments at Clubs (STaC Games) three times a year in May, August and December. If you play in these games, please check the web site to see how you "stack up" with all the other hundreds of people who played. The exact dates can be found on the ACBL Web Site STaC Calendar and they will be advertised on this web site when it's time.

Did you notice our District 21, 1,000+ Master Point list... and are you on it? How about our Unit 500 annual master point list? These can both be reached by clicking on the "Master Points List", under District 21 on the right side of the our Unit 500 home page. 

To see special events (i.e. higher rated games that pay more master points) please see the above "Upcoming Special Events", "Upcoming Unit Games" or our Special Event "Calendar". 

All duplicate clubs in Unit 500 have sanctioned ACBL games with links to on-line game results. 

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