face-book-page-t-150See goings-on in our Unit 500 Facebook Page

We have an ACBL Unit 500 Facebook Page. This means you can see the latest photos around our Unit and leave comments or suggestions. If you want to stay current, visit our Facebook Page and click "Like". That will cause the monthly and weekly posts to show up in your Facebook Feed. If you have news or a comment about something in our unit, please "Write Something" on our FaceBook Page. Photos are appreciated. Clicking on "Like" is the equivalent of "friending" the page, our posts will show up in your Facebook Feed. Here's a Facebook Tip for you: If for some reason you don't want to see posts from a Facebook Friend, but don't want to unfriend them, just click on the down-arrow to the right of their latest post and click Unfollow "name-of-friend". You will continue to be their friend but will no longer have to see their posts in your feed. You can still go to their Facebook Page and catch up, since you're their friend. If you change your mind just click "Liked", then click "Unlike". And the posts start up again.

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