These Bridge Club menu selections tell about the bridge clubs in our unit.

Bridge clubs are grouped by city, day of the week and club owner, to make it easier to find a given club.

Each Club is then listed, separately, by name. These all link to a page where club detail is listed. Results are only linked from each club owner web page. 

Our Bridge Clubs are owner-operated small businesses that are franchises of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL). Weekly duplicate games are conducted and occasionally, lesson series. Games are always stratified, by master points, so different player's experience levels can be compared with each other.

There are also games that limit the number of masterpoints a player can have, for example an intermediate/newcomer game usually means players are restricted to having less than 300 master points. Club owners can also provide learning experiences for players with five to fifteen minute lessons before each game. The EasyBridge! sessions are are formal, paid, lesson series followed by a duplicate game, that last a certain number of weeks.

Bridge players play for "Master Points" and depending on how many tables are in attendance, win master points based on how high you place in your strat.

The ususal duplicate bridge game is a "pairs" game. You and your partner play against other pairs, then computerized scoring determines who the winners are at the end of the game. This web site,, provides a way to review scores on the internet in the comfort of your own home.

There are frequent "Championship" level events where the payout of masterpoints is greater, e.g. Club Championships and Unit games.

Much more about this can be found on the American Contract Bridge League web site at

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