Castro Valley, California 

    • Redwood Bridge Club Mondays 12pm, Open, Stratified 
    • Redwood Bridge Club Wednesdays 11:15am, Open, Stratified

Kenneth C Aitken Community Center
17800 Redwood Road
Castro Valley, CA 94546
Terry Terzian is the owner
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San Felipe Bridge Club, Tuesdays, 7pm, less than 20 master points, Stratified
Charlie Conrad's Home
Castro Valley, CA
Charlie Conrad is the owner
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Hayward, California

Hayward 500 Bridge Club 11:30 am, less than 500 master points, Stratified. Preceded by reviews and lessons at 11am.

Weekes Community Center, 
27182 Patrick Avenue, 
Hayward, CA  94544 
Sarah Simmerman is the owner
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San Leandro, California

Marina Bridge Club Tuesdays, 10:30am, Open, Stratified

Marina Community Center
15301 Wicks Blvd.,
San Leandro CA 94579
Phone: (510) 577-6080
Terry Terzian is the owner
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Note: At all clubs with open games, if there are enough tables, a separate section will be created for Intermediate/Newcomer players. Monday's Redwood Bridge Club always has an I/N section.

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