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  • - Play on-line for free and view Championship Tournaments in real time! New, for $1/session play and win ACBL masterpoints.
  • Bridge Winners - A recent (as of 2010) web site with articles and commentary from top Bridge Players. Kitty Cooper, a bridge pro and professional Web Designer is the site author. A "consortium" of professionals put this site together. A major contributor is Gavin Wolpert.
  • Local Tournaments - District 21 | Western Conference
  • MSN Gaming Zone - Play on-line for free

Personal Sites

  • - A wonderful site, supported by the top bridge players in the world. Insightful articles and example hands. Major support by Gavin Wolpert.
  • Cheung, Peter - Excellent Bridge Web Site by a Unit 500 Member
  • Chris Clark - Unit 498 Web Site
  • Fred Gitelman - He started - ViewGraph, columns, tournament reports and play Bridge. View Nationals Finals here. Free! Daily On-line Master Point games that are inexpensive (also listed above)
  • Jeff Goldsmith - Excellent 'technical' Web site
  • Karen's (incredible) Bridge Library - Well written bridge teaching material - many elements of the game - free
  • Richard Pavlicek - Bidding polls, play contests, quizzes, humor, puzzles, lessons, articles, bidding practice, systems, instant matchpoint games, calculators, duplicate forms, bridge utilities, and more
  • Thomas Andrews Bridge Fantasia - Good SF Bay Area Site

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