FAQ is an abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Tell me a little about this web site?

This web site supports the ACBL (American Contract Bridge League), District 21 (Northern California), Unit 500 (Southern Alameda County) bridge players and bridge club owners. It's contents are controlled by the Unit's Board of Directors. There has been a Unit 500 web site since 1996 in one form or another, supported by webmaster Bill George. In 2013, the web site received a "Face Lift" with simpler navigation, a photo gallery and rotating images of events in our unit

Q: How do I review last year's game results?

A: An "Archived Results" link has been set up at the bottom of each club's results web page. Reviewing last year's (2013) game results can be done by clicking on "Archived Results" at the bottom of each game results page and then selecting the Month/Year desired, and clicking "GO". However, the archives only go back to last November, 2013, when the new web site was installed.

Q: How do I join the ACBL?

A: If you join the ACBL (by clicking on "Join ACBL" at the top of the page), and you live in our area, (Southern Alameda County, California) you will automatically become a member of our Unit 500. The ACBL notifies us monthly about all new members.

Q: How is this web site designed to work?

A: The site has a series of Menus that provide selections with help and specific information about Unit 500. On our home page there is a main dark grey horizontal bar towards the top of the page, with several one or two word titles. When you move your mouse over the titles (also called links), selections drop-down for you to choose. If you click on the title there is Help information about each of the selections. On the left side of our home page labeled "Quick Links" is a list of the most helpful links on the web site. Below that, "Upcoming Special Events" automatically list the five most recent special events from our Special Events Calendar. On the right side of the home page, labeled "Governance" are ACBL-related links. Click on each Governance heading to get help. In the middle, we have a four-photo slide show, hopefully displaying our unit and its people in a good light. Below that is the latest Unit 500 news. This is all designed to be "easy to use", so you can find information as fast as possible. At the very top, upper right hand corner there is a Frequently Asked Question link (this document) and information about joining or renewing your membership in the ACBL. 

Q: I get lost clicking on links and getting transferred around. How to I get back to the "Home" or starting page of the web site?

A: Click on "Unit 500" or the Unit 500 Logo to return to our starting page, http://unit500.org.

Q: Do you have rubber bridge, novice and open duplicate games?

A: No rubber bridge at the moment. We do have novice duplicate games (also known as EasyBridge!), weekly duplicate games most days and an annual South County Sectional. Results from all our games can be viewed on this web site.

Q. Why is this web site is so complicated?

A: There's a lot going on. It might help to review the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) more thoroughly or email our webmaster with a question. Clicking on menu headings, produces Help pages that explain drop-down items and Governance links. Some links are in more than one menu, to make them easier to find.

Q: Is there a way to find partners?

A: A Google Group, which you may join, has been set up to find partners. But you must be a member, to receive emails from the group. We also have a player email list and some Player Profiles from the past.

Q: What's with all the Clubs, Cities, Days, etc., It's confusing?

A: It's difficult to make finding things easy for everyone. For newer players, to get a feel for the menus, we have Help explanations when you click on "Bridge Clubs", Unit Events", "Learn", "Players", "Results" "ACBL", "Western Conference", "District 21" or "Unit 500". For more experienced web site users, just access the drop-down menus and links. 

Q: When I send an email to our Google Group, why does it gets returned?

A: You must join the Unit 500 Google Group to be able to send emails to the Unit 500 Google Group. It's explained in detail on the Google Group page.

Q: Who designed and maintains this web site (http://unit500.org)

A: Bill George (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), the webmaster, designed and maintains this web site, as directed by the officers of Unit 500. He was assisted by his wife who is familiar with Joomla, the software that runs the web site. Please send any questions about the web site to Bill and any questions about Unit 500 to the President of the Unit.

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