photo-gallery-250x172Click here to see our Unit 500 Photo Gallery, composed of photos from various unit events or click on the picture of the photo gallery, on the right,

To search the photo descriptions, click on "Show Options" in the upper right hand corner of the Photo Gallery, then type what you're searching for where it says "Search the Gallery", then click "Go". This will search for the words you specify in titles or descriptions. The entire photo gallery or specific photo albums can be searched.

If you want to make the "Show Options" bar go away, click "Show Options" again.

To begin viewing contents of photo albums, click on an album you want to view. After viewing an individual album, return to the Photo Albums starting page by clicking on "Union 500 Photo..." in the upper left hand corner.

By default, photos in albums are shown in a Grid display, but can be displayed in a Mosaic, Carousel or Slideshow.

  • Grid Display fills the screen with photo thumbnails, that you can click on.
  • Mosaic Display creates a grid of small thumbnails on the upper right part of the page, that you can click on.
  • Carousel Display allows you to move forward or backwards through an album by clicking on photos to the right or left of the main photo
  • Slide Show Display will automatically run through all the photos in the album that you choose. You just sit back and watch.

Upon viewing a photo in the Grid or Slideshow displays, a left and right arrow appears at the bottom of the page to let you move forward or backward between photos, or to stop the slide show.

As individual photos are displayed, controls are available on the upper-right hand corner of the page:

  • To download a full-size version of the photo click on the "Down Arrow" 
  • To find more information about the picture click on the "question mark"
  • To exit viewing of individual photos, click on the "X"

As individual photos are displayed, Size and Background Colors of Photos have controls on the lower right-hand corner of the page:

  • Four buttons display increasingly lighter backgrounds for the photo albums
  • A slider increases or decreases the size of photo thumbnails


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