These selections allow local Unit 500 players to familiarize themselves with other local players and see how they stand with their masterpoint hunt.

Players who are members of the ACBL (American contract Bridge League) can monitor how many master points they have earned recently by clicking on "Check my Masterpoints".

We also have an Email and Phone List that local players specifically asked to be listed. This lets players more easily communicate with one another. Ask a local director to add your name to the list.

The District maintains an annually-updated Masterpoint List that was just updated in August. See how many master points other bridge players have earned. 

Masterpoint Races are updated by the ACBL during the 1st week of each month.  They are top 10 lists of master points won this year. An Ace of Clubs race that compares people's masterpoint winnings only at duplicate club gamess. Neither of these races include masterpoints won in on-line ACBL duplicate bridge games.

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