1953-54 Art Aldrich
  1954-55 Bill Cole
  1956-57 Carl Swope
  1958-62 Hazel Lockyer
Bill Slife Picture 1963-65 Bill Slife
  1965-66 Ted Hunter
Carl Franson's Picture 1966-67 Carl Franson
  1967-69 Coltman Shepard
  1969-70 John McCall
Jim Batchelor 1970-72 Jim Batchelor
Chuck Seuser Picture 1972-74 Chuck Seuser
Warren Cederborg Picture 1974-76 Warren Cederborg
Nancy Boyd Picture 1976-77 Nancy Boyd
  1977-78 Mary Touris
  1978-79 Bill Hartkopf
Joan Anderson Picture 1979-81 Joan Anderson
Rod Curtis Picture 1981-81 Rod Curtis
  1982-82 Sarah Payne
  1982-82 George Hawes
  1983-84 Penny Dew
Elinor Manuel Picture 1985-86 Elinor Manuel
  1987-87 Bob Tripp
Dorothy Leighty-Park's Picture 1987-98 Dorothy Leighty-Parks
Betty Giblin 1999-2002 Betty Giblin
Vince DePasquale 2003-2004 Vince DePasquale
Mary Ramos 2005-2010 Mary Ramos
Jan Hollowell 2011-2014 Jan Hollowell
Charlie Conrad 2015-2017 Charlie Conrad
carla francis t 2018- Carla Francis

Many thanks to May Kwok who provided the names of past Unit 500 presidents and Table Talk editors prior to 1996.

May Kwok

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