Unit Games are planned a year in advance in the Unit Game Schedule and then are reported, along with other special unit events on the unit's monthly Calendar.

The Unit Game Schedule is made up of the 24 unit games we're allowed by the ACBL to have, every year. Some are "Unit Sponsored", with a special feature like brunch or lunch and there is a reduced table fee, subsidized by the unit. "Regular" unit games are hosted at bridge clubs on their normal meeting day. After the unit allocates about five "Unit Sponsored" games, it allows the weekly bridge clubs to hold the rest of the games, allocating the games as fairly as possible in the Unit Game Schedule. This will hopefully increase attendance at the bridge clubs. 

Unit Games award 70% of a sectional championship masterpoints. It is quite an accomplishment to win one of these tournaments. This schedule of unit games is published early in the year so that people can plan ahead. Susan Watkins has produced the list in recent years.

We also publish a monthly Special Events Calendar that has all unit games plus other "Special Events" that players might need to know about. Club Championships, STaC games, NAP, GNT, Membership games, Charity games and more are shown on the monthly Special Special Events Calendar. STaC, NAP, GNT and Charity games will have a small surcharge ($1-$2 per person). Unit sponsored events have reduced table fees and Club Championships, Membership games and regular unit games have no charge above the normal table fees.

This Special Events Calendar also shows when clubs are closed, for example on a major holiday. However, some clubs will have a game on a holiday like New Years or 4th of July, and they will be shown. 

Once in a while, a club will close on a given day, due to a local popular tournament or some other reason, and that is shown on the calendar.

The calendar is updated by the webmaster from the Unit Game Schedule, from the calendar in Table Talk and when notified of something that needs to be on the calendar. 

Photos are uploaded to albums, created by various Unit 500 officials. You can download photos after clicking on an album, then an individual photo, then clicking on a Down Arrow icon in the upper right hand corner of the web page. You will have a choice of where to download the photo.


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