The Western Conference (WC) is an association of three ACBL Districts (17, 21 and 22) in the Western United States. They collaborate to issue the monthly Forum Newsletter, organize STaC and educate bridge players about Western States bridge. Their web site has on-line copies of the Forum newsletter, information about upcoming WC Regionals, history of the Western Conference, STaC Tournament Results and much more.

Forum Newsletters: Past issues of the Forum newspaper can be reviewed, in color.

STaC: District 21 sponsors STaC (Sectional Tournaments at Clubs) Games, three times a year in May, August and December. Each tournament lasts for one week and has morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Hundreds of tables across for ACBL districts play the same hands. You can win upwards of 20 mp in one session of bridge. The STaC schedule and especially results are alvery useful for players who want to participate.

Western Conference Web Site is the place to start exploring all the information they provide. An interesting link is the history of the Western Conference.

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